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Conducting Final Location Survey (FLS) for New BG Railway line of various projects with Geo-Technical Investigation, preparing EIRR & submission of DPR as per Railway Board's latest guide lines complete in all respect.  

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                                 NORTHEAST FRONTIER RAILWAY

                                     (Construction Organisation)

                                    C O R R I G E N D U M  No.1

               TENDER NOTICE No. CON/2023/aug/03 dated 12-08-2023


                           Corrigendum -01 for TENDER NO: CE/CON/ZT/FLS/ 2023/04 has been published. For details please visit



                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Joyshree Malakar)

                                                                       for Chief Engineer/Con-I


                                                       for & on behalf of the  President of India